The Robloxian Television industry is becoming a nightmare

For years, the Robloxian Television industry is filled with many channels, shows, and opportunities to justify of being in a more continously expanded community with many television companies, including Hexahedron. Some companies form alliances in order to let the groups exchange certain resources that provides projects to multiple networks, or for other purposes.

But in recent years, we started to notice a change in regards to expanding certain materials of broadcasting television in Robloxia, and this change may not always be a positive move forward for us as there is also recently some dark turns of this expanding industry, and it poses some concerns for other Robloxian teleivision companies who are smaller, and mid-sized, or just in between those categories.

This year in 2017, a massive growth in children's programming, with the addition of children's oriented channels, which is sounds like a great thing, but when you take a closer look in a channel's owner's perspective, it may be a difficult or stressful challenge when it comes to having the ability of relying on acquiring programming. For instance, if you were to start creating a children's oriented channel, by using acquired real-life programming from real-life channels in the world, and if another channel already has acquired the certain programming before you even had the chance, then you would have to find other children's programming before other networks start following-up, which is in a form of competition.

This has been the case for some smaller, and mid-sized companies (such as  who are willing to join the competition of children's oriented programming channels. (to be continued later)