V 0.2

In 2011 Buddbudd222 made the first HQ of its time and having satellites on the roof and offices for each worker. The studio did not have any more ideas and wanted to make a new version of it.

V 1.0

In 2013 Buddbudd222 made a HQ that was going to contain a newsroom, studios, offices, stores,coffee shops and more. In 2015 after hen BBS Behind Closed Doors was made they closed that HQ.

V 1.5

In 2013 Buddbudd222 made a HQ out of PBS along with his friends to make a HQ for his studio and for his network that it had 40 offices (10 per floor), 20 studios, newsroom, entrance, and much more, buddbudd222 stooped the HQ from being built because it was complete but PBS was shutting down as well in 2016. The building was ceased in 2015.

V 1.7

In 2015 Buddbudd222 made a new HQ with a different design for a city like design made with brick. The HQ was incomplete due to school in the way and no one wanted to help.

V 2.0

In 2016 MichaelIsGr8 made a HQ for Buddbudd Studios that was offices and small studios, budd liked it but did not make it official.

V 3.0

In 2016 Buddbudd222 made a HQ that will have a shop, newsroom, meeting rooms, offices, writing rooms, lobby, 6 studios, security by ISF, news studio, special report studio. The new HQ will be released in October of 2016

V 4.0